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Reviving a Honda MB5 Blog
    Part 1, Part 2,

And then.. Racing this same MB5 24 hrs

Pinterest search of MB5, some great photos
Moped Army - some good photos
Diablo Cycle - reproduction decals, not listed on their site, but they are typically on ebay, click here
MB50 Wikipedia
My 50cc Motorbike - South African 50cc site
UK Honda MB5 site - good UK page
True Grits 50c Fun Run - check out this page

50cc Motorcycles 50cc Motorcycles - Another foreign page with cool bike.
Jerry's MB5 with a Briggs & Stratton, ????
Project Moped Manual - moped and small motorcycle manuals
Japanese MB5 blog - pretty cool bikes! - aftermarket parts for MB5's
- They will ship parts to the USA. Approx 8-12 days is what they say.
- They accept Visa and Mastercard