Perk LLC    

    Many hard to find, discontinued and European aftermarket parts in stock.
    - Ignition switches
    - Headlights with replaceable bulb
    - Bodywork
    - piston kits
    - gasket kits, includes the center case gasket
    - performance parts, 70cc kit, big carb, pipe
    - Used parts

Restoration Links

Reproduction decals, Diablo Cyclenot listed on their site, but they are typically on ebay, click here

Factory Matched Paint:
For North America, Red is code R33, Helios (or Hilious) Red. See RS Bike Paint
The Black is NH1, very common, RS Bike Paint, Colorrite or others

  Ebay! - really good source for used parts

- Known Discontinued parts from Honda (American Honda)

    Headlight sealed beam
    Battery side cover
    Ignition switch kit
    Center case gasket

Part Diagrams & Part Numbers
Please Note: All part #'s are included in these diagrams, some of which are discontinued

Google Docs - 1982 Honda MB5 Microfiche