My MB5


Let's start with just a little history, Honda only imported the MB5s into the USA one year, 1982. There are not to many of these bikes around anymore, since in the short time that Honda imported them to the USA at least, there probably wasn't too many in the country to start with. But now they are even rarer, I was lucky enough get one from a friend that had it sitting out back, and he didn't want it since it didn't run. There seems to be parts available, but you have to look around a little. Its seems as though there are a bunch of MB5s in Europe, and a lot of die hard fans. All my bike took was some TLC to the carb and clean the plug, fresh gas and oil, and she fired right up. Now today she runs like a champ, thanks to my mild port job. But future plans are going to make it fly compared to stock.

In Jan. 2004, right after the Speed of Love film

My MB5 was in a short graphic film called Speed of Love made for the Art of Speed put on my Nike & Gawker Media. It was directed by Justin Harder, he has done other short clips for MTV, VH1, Vidal Sassoon and others. Check out the YouTube video below!